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An accurate free content encyclopedia.
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus
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upGeneral Purpose Robotic Search Engines
DuckDuckGoA privacy oriented competitor to Google. Here is a comparative review.
Ask.com Another minor competitor to Google
Bing.comMicrosoft's search engine:  
The best search engine available? Indexes some PDFs.
Yahoo Minor competitor for Google
upWeb Directories
Britannica.com The best websites, leading magazines, related books, and very limited access to the encyclopędia.
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CEOexpress Excellent business-oriented directory list
Infoplease "Combining the contents of an encyclopedia, a dictionary, and several up-to-the minute almanacs loaded with statistics, facts, and historical records"
RefDeskDesigned to be a one-stop reference guide to the Internet
Wolfram AlphaNot exactly a serach engine, but it is a useful site - think of it as a "computational engine for factual knowledge" - see a Flash intro by Stephen Wolfram himself!
upParallel (Meta) Search Engines
Infospace Acts a front end to DogPile and WebCrawler
ixquick "Ixquick submits your search to the major search engines and finds sites that are universally ranked in the top ten!"
search.com Use multiple engines easily
upGuides to using Search Engines
Search Engine Watch Includes
  • SEO (search engine optimization techniques),
  • PPC (Pay-per-click advertising),
  • Analytics (tools for measuring and monitoring website performance)
  • Google GuideTutorial on how to use Google.
    Internet ScoutGuides to the major search engines and other directories
    upPhone Numbers/Addresses
    AT&T's AnyWho "Integrates traditional business and consumer white and yellow pages telephone listings with enhanced, Internet-based contact information such as E-mail Addresses and Web Site URLs. Toll Free and FAX numbers can also be listed."
    WhitePagesPeople finder, multiple search engines, includes reverse search
    Telephone Directories on the Web Links to online telephone, fax and business directories from around the world
    US Postal Service Zip codes, postal rates, much more
    upE-mail Automated Postcards
    123greetings.com Free email greeting cards using Flash animation
    Ecards from Hallmark Free email greeting card site featuring amny different styles
    regards.comOffers two levels of customization
    upSearch for Software
    Software and files search has been moved to the Internet Resources Software page
    Move.com"Our mission is to give you the information you need to keep more of your own money when you buy a home, sell a home, or relocate"
    MSN Real Estate Advisor Find and compare homes for sale, compare mortgage rates, financing options, closing, inspection - loaded with info for the new or experienced home buyer - from Microsoft
    Merriam-Webster's Dictionary/Thesaurus
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    "Search more than 160,000 entries in the Web's most up-to-date dictionary." Lots of other neat word-related stuff.
    Search: for Besides a rudimentary dictionary, at this site you can find: Writing Resources, Roget's Thesaurus, Translate text and Web pages between English and French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish
    OneLook Dictionaries18,955,870 words in 1061 dictionaries indexed
    WordNetSearch word:  
    "An online dictionary that you can explore in different directions, finding words that mean the same, are more general, more specific - as well as getting a brief description."
    Oxford Dictionaries"Oxforddictionaries.com began with English and Spanish language sites, offering definitions and translations, thesauruses, grammar guides and help, and much more.
    As part of the Oxford Global Languages (OGL) programme we regularly launch new resources in other languages. OGL aims to build dictionaries and lexical resources for 100 languages, many of which are under-represented in the digital landscape. For the first time, large quantities of quality lexical information for these languages will be created, collected, and made available to speakers, learners, and digital developers.
    We currently have OGL sites in isiZulu, Northern Sotho, Malay, Urdu, Setswana, Indonesian, Romanian, Latvian, Swahili, and Hindi."
    YourDictionary"The Web's most comprehensive index of on-line dictionaries with over 1,000 dictionaries in more than 200 different languages. This conveniently organized index includes glossaries of specialized terminology, synonyms, homonyms, and abbreviations. It is linked to an index of on-line grammars and several pages of linguistic fun."
    Online Etymology Dictionary" This is a map of the wheel-ruts of modern English. Etymologies are not definitions; they're explanations of what our words meant and how they sounded 600 or 2,000 years ago. The dates beside a word indicate the earliest year for which there is a surviving written record of that word (in English, unless otherwise indicated). This should be taken as approximate, especially before about 1700, since a word may have been used in conversation for hundreds of years before it turns up in a manuscript that has had the good fortune to survive the centuries."
    Symbols.com"World's largest online encyclopedia of graphic symbols...contains more than 2,500 Western signs, arranged into 54 groups according to their graphic characteristics. In 1,600 articles their histories, uses, and meanings are thoroughly discussed. The signs range from ideograms carved in mammoth teeth by Cro-Magnon men, to hobo signs and subway graffiti." - fascinating!
    FreeTranslation.com"Free automatic computer translation in 8 language directions...FROM English to French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese...TO English from French, German and Spanish. Each translation can be of a web page of or up to 4 or 5 pages of text. FreeTranslation.com is very fast and completely free."
    Free Online TranslatorTranslate text and web pages online for free!
    upOn-line Encyclopedias
    Britannica.com The best websites, leading magazines, related books, and very limited access to Encyclopędia Britannica.
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    Encyclopedia.com"Encyclopedia.com has more than 100 trusted sources, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, and thesauruses with facts, definitions, biographies, synonyms, pronunciation keys, word origins, and abbreviations."
    infoplease.com"Combining the contents of an encyclopedia, a dictionary, and several up-to-the minute almanacs loaded with statistics, facts, and historical records"
    Wikipedia"Wikipedia is a multilingual project to create a complete and accurate free content encyclopedia."
    Great Books Online (bartleby.com)"Literature, reference and verse providing students, researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge"
    CIA World FactbookEssential facts, geography, population, etc., on all the countries of the world
    Nationmaster.comA data source and comparison tool for national statistics...you can generate maps and graphs easily.
    ENCYBERPEDIAVirtually every encyclopedia that's on the Web
    iTools.comEverything from anagrams & language translations to UPS rates
    The North Carolina EncyclopediaAn overview of the people, the government, the history, and the resources of North Carolina.
    upInternet Resource Lists
    The Info ServiceInteresting collection of links
    John December's Resource ListVery comprehensive, annotated
    The Scout Report Internet resources & network tools geared toward researchers & educators
    The Internet Archive "The Internet Archive, working with Alexa Internet, has created the Wayback Machine. The Wayback Machine makes it possible to surf pages stored in the Internet Archive's web archive."
    Internet FAQ Archives Search newsgroup FAQs By Category | By Newsgroup
    FAQ Finder Over 1800 links to FAQs on almost 300 subjects
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