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Paint Shop Pro Tips/Tutorials Photoshop Tips/Tutorials
Graphics Animation/Optimization Interactive Graphics Processing
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upGraphics Collections: Clipart, Backgrounds, Animated GIFs
Web Clip Art"A resource for topic specific Web clip art of all kinds-- backgrounds, borders, animation, people, sports, animals, food, flowers, cartoons, music, military, holidays, Web basics such as arrows, menu buttons, lines, tutorials and help pages and much more plus on site clip art collections of holidays, snakes, lines backgrounds, borders and more."
Yahoo's Pictures & Clipart IndexPhotos & clipart index from Yahoo
Absolute Graphics ArchiveLarge collection of images
ClipArt.comLinks to clipart collections
OpenClipArt.comModest (~10K) collection of open source clipart
Map Clip ArtFree clipart collection of maps
Design Gallery LiveFrom Microsoft - clipart & photos for use in Office
freeimages.comFree web graphics
pdphoto.org"If you want to use these images: Go ahead...most of them are in the public domain. Which means you can use them for any purpose you want, including publishing them, selling them, integrating them into your own work, etc."
321clipart.comFree web graphics, templates, more.
Web Clip ArtLinks to clip art collections
MediaBuilder"If you are building a website, creating a multimedia presentation, or designing a new graphical interface, [they] have all the materials you need."
Cheryl's Image GalleryOriginal clipart & textures library
Animated GIFs for FreeFREE Animated GIF Site from webdeveloper.com
Animation-StationFREE Animated GIF Site
GIFWorldFREE Animated GIF Site
The Wizard of DrawsOriginal cartoons - some quite good
Joann's Graphics"High quality free web graphics for personal home pages and non-profit agencies" - sophisticated collection of buttons, icons, frames, navigation bars
BuglightOffbeat, but professionally done backgrounds, other graphics
Animation Factory"11,000 Original Animations for use on web pages and in e-mail"
upGraphics Search Engines
Google Images "The most comprehensive image search on the web."
AltaVista Image Search Search for graphics & photos
ditto.com Claims to be "the premier visual search engine" - but I think Google would have something to say about that. Who ever heard of Ditto?
upPaint Shop Pro Tips/Tutorials
Paint Shop Pro XNew features in Paint Shop Pro X include realistic painting tools, digital photography filters, flexible drawing and text tools, history palette and selective undo, and more. (30 day trial)
Paint Shop Pro TutorialsTutorials for Paint Shop Pro
Web Graphics on a BudgetSuperb tutorials on PSP 6 and 7
Jan's DesignsLot of Tutorials for Paint Shop Pro 7
BladePro Plug-in Filters for PSP/PhotoshopFilters for PSP/Photoshop - terrific
Introduction To Paint Shop Pro 5Tutorials for Paint Shop Pro 5
Abstract Dimensions: Tips & Tricks for Paint Shop Pro 6Well developed site for learning to use Paint Shop Pro 6, including photo manipulation and special effects.
Plug-in Filters for PSPFilters for PSP - especially useful are the ones from NVR BorderMania
High Impact Images with PSPA few well done tips with emphasis on "how you can work with photographs to produce web imagery"
Graphics DenSeveral tips for using Paint Shop Pro
upPhotoshop Tips/Tutorials
Photoshop CS & other Adobe Product TryoutsDemo versions of Adobe Products. You cannot save, print, or copy the graphics you produce.
Adobe Studio ExchangeDownloadable actions for Photoshop
Tips for using Photoshop/PSPTips, tutorials, other info for using Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.
Photoshop Crash CourseGreat intro to Photoshop
Adobe MagazineAn archive of past issues of Adobe Magazine, in PDF format
Gifart.com's PhotoShop 4.0 and 5.5 TipsPhotoshop 4/5 tips & tricks
Eyeball-Design PhotoShop TutorialsPhotoshop tutorials
DeepSpacePhotoshop actions, plugins, tips, links.
VanDerLeePlugins and filters for Adobe Photoshop & paint Shop Pro
Photoshop Professional Tips & TricksOf interest to Web designers, other ones - for "real-world designers" (those who deal with printed media), some tricks will be interesting for both
Free Photoshop Plugin FiltersFilters for use with Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro
Hands-On PhotoshopNifty tutorials for Photoshop - even provides a zip file containing the entire site - 1.8 meg
As Simple As PhotoshopPhotoshop downloadable video-book
Photoshop Tips by EnkiTips for using Photoshop
Understanding Web Graphics: Pixel Anatomy 101A solid web graphics seminar, covering the essentials.
Creating Graphics for the WebTechnical web magazine - discusses converting EPS to bitmaps, anti-aliasing, and graphics compression, etc.
The Web DinerCollection of web graphics tutorials, class notes - see esp. GIF Animation Tutorial
A Manual to Graphic File FormatsShort guide to the most common graphics file formats
JPEG image compression FAQAll about JPEG graphics & compression
upThe GIMP
Gimp.org"The GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages."
Grokking the GIMPFree online guide to GIMP. Available as a HTML tarball.
Gimp User GroupThe largest collection of Gimp arts and tutorials anywhere on the Internet.
GIMP Tutorials"Here you can find tips and tutorials for using GIMP."
Photo magic with Gimp"Several examples what you can do to enhance your photos with The Gimp."
upInteractive Image Processing
Animation OnlineCreate animations (for free)
GIFWorksFree online GIF image editor - also 3D Text Maker
SpinWaveHome of GIFCruncher and JPEGCruncher. "Allows you to submit a GIF/JPG from your desktop or an HTTP or FTP URL, and automatically reduce the download time and file size of the GIF/JPG by up to 90%."
Arles Image Web Page Creator"Creates thumbnail images at user-defined sizes and generates the required HTML files to display them. Thumbnails can be linked either directly to the full-sized image or to an HTML page with the image, complete with navigation tools, including a Javascript drop-down menu."
upWeb Color
Color Scheme GeneratorWonderful! Color scheme generator that does almost everything you would need to find colors that match and complement your web site. Highly recommended.
Web Color"Introduces basic color concepts, shows you the different ways to specify color for online display, and provides some design tips"
ColorSpecifierA guide to web color selection - also displays color names
colors4webmasters.com"Allows the user to play with the colors; try out different color combinations, switch between colors, undo color choice, swap color coding between 'items' (e.g. swap color coding for text/ background)"
Color Schemer"Enter an RGB or HEX value to get a set of matching colors. You can even lighten and darken your scheme or pick colors from a websafe palette."
Webmaster's Color LaboratoryNifty page for choosing colors from the 216 color palette
Color CoordinatorSuper page for coordinating color schemes
Color Tables"This table helps you choose a color table at The Color Spot. In the cells, links take you to a table showing the set of colors identified in the row's first column and displaying codes in the column header."
ColormakerAnother super little page for color schemes
The Browser Safe Color PaletteBrowser colors arranged by hue & value with their hex codes
No Dither Netscape Color PaletteThe Netscape Color Cube & its hex codes. Excellent!
Color TheoryTechnical site, with discussions of additive, subtractive color, autochrome, more.
Color Matters"The concept of color ... approached from several disciplines: physiology, psychology, philosophy, and art."
upScanning Tips
Wayne's Scanning Tips"Scanning tips and hints, fundamentals and other general scanning information"
upDigital photography
Imaging ResourceMany useful FAQs, articles on digital photography, and reviews of digital cameras
Digital Camera HQ"Unbiased reviews, prices and advice on Digital Cameras"
photo.netA "photography learning community", in which more experienced photographers, both avid amateurs and professional, provide mutual support, as well as being a resource for those interested in learning about photography.
ShortCourses in Digital photographySeveral online books and many useful links to resources on digital photography
Digital Photography Instant GratificationTips and techniques for digital photography
Flash MX Trial VersionDownload the free 30-day trial version of Flash MX.
Mix-FX"Want to create amazing flashy buttons and text effects, but don't have Macromedia Flash or don't know how to use it for complex animations?" Shareware, only $27.
Shockwave and Flash PlayersPlug-in for viewing streamed multimedia content - now includes Shockwave Flash Player 5
Flash Support CenterMany Flash resourses, including documentation and tutorials
Flash Web SitesLinks to many Flash web sites
Flash Tutorials from About.comPlanning and setup, shape tweening, frame-by-frame animating
FlashkitMajor Flash resource site
webwaspFree Flash tutorials
FlashNetFree Flash4 source files for all users, animated step by step tutorials and FAQ
moock.org"Moock's tutorials and gallery for flash developers and designers. Covers ActionScript and JavaScript."
Flash ChallengeFlash design site
upFont Sources
1001 fontsMany free fonts
Free Font FiestaMany free fonts
WhatTheFont"Ever wanted to have a font just like the one used by certain publications, corporations, or ad campaigns? Well now you can, using the WhatTheFont font recognition system. Upload a scanned image of the font and we'll show you the closest matches in our database!"
FontSiteStyle guides and tips for digital typography and design - and free fonts
MyFonts"See fonts, Try fonts, Buy fonts" - one unique feature of this site - WhatTheFont that allows you to upload a scanned image of the font and it will find the closest match - actually works!
Search Free FontsFree fonts
Beautiful FontsFree fonts
Font n ThingsFree fonts
Fonthead DesignA few interesting free fonts
upDesktop Publishing/Typography
Desktop Publishing at the Mining CompanyAnother good resource: tips, in-depth articles, links to free fonts among other things
Presentations OnlineE-zine dedicated to "technology & techniques for effective communication"
Daniel Will-HarrisSee esp. his Typofile e-zine
Microsoft's TypographyMicrosoft's point of view on fonts on the web
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