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Micellaneous Diversions:
Autos, Humor, Gardening, Puzzles, Urban Legends, Shopping
Revised:  11/19/06 Autos Diversions/Puzzles Gardening Revised: 11/19/06
Humor Urban Legends Shopping
upTV Listings
TV Guide On-line Was the best TV listings site - now has very irritating animated ads and forces you to register before you can access TV listings.
Internet Movie DatabaseThe most comprehensive site for TV and movie reference
Yahoo AutosLinks to sites to research, compare cars, or log on to auto dealer sites or classified listings to buy new and used vehicles.
MSN AutosMicrosoft's guide to car buying
iMotors.com"Tell us the used car you want; we’ll find it, buy it, inspect it, make it like new, for less than retail Blue Book."
CarSaverCar pricing & expert reviews, buying tools & research
CarsDirect.comOnline car buying
Cars.comThe latest car news, videos and expert reviews, from Cars.com's independent automotive journalists.
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's GuidesMultimedia enhanced guide to new cars, prices, more.
Kelley Blue BookThe Bible of used car guides is now on the Web and quickly enables you to figure out a used car's market value. Offering even more than its print counterpart, Kelley also features an online guide for new cars where you'll get complete info on up-to-date dealer invoice values, MSRP's, standard inclusions, options, and photographs.
AutoWebBuy new and used cars, sell your car, auto financing & insurance, auto products and services
upPuzzles and Diversions
ClickmazesInteresting Java puzzles - I like the Plank puzzles especially
The Sliding-Door MazeJava maze puzzle
Puzzles @ RandomCrosswords, puzzles, contests, freebies, prizes, and more from the world's largest publisher of puzzle books!
CrosswordPuzzleGames.com"This web site offers 32,400 free crossword puzzles and fun tools for people who enjoy word games. Get some help with a puzzle or create your own, free."
Etymologic"In this game you'll be presented with 10 randomly selected word origin or word definition puzzles to solve." Every visit you get a different game.
Word Spy"Devoted to recently coined words and phrases, old words that are being used in new ways, and existing words that have enjoyed a recent renaissance."
Grey LabyrinthInteresting puzzles
Puzzle DepotPuzzles of many different types.
mysteries.com5 minute mysteries of the day and other mystery related topics
Grand IllusionsA great scientific detective story about the cause of Napoleon's death, and other mysteries
Mensa WorkoutYou have a half an hour to answer 30 questions to see if you are Mensa material
Your name in hieroglyphs"Yet another way to [waste] one's time!"
List of Card TricksAbout a 100 card tricks
Index Librorum Liberorum"John Walker, founder of Autodesk, in retreat in Switzerland, posts an eclectic assortment of texts and programs."
Soda Constructor"Build animated models that walk, roll, bounce. Brilliant and addictive. Ain't cyberspace grand?"
the smoking gunOffbeat news and full-disclosures
TruthOrFiction.comAll those stories that were too good to be true, the many that aren't and the few that are.
The History House"This page is a collection of some of the bizarre flavorings that are the story in History."
Dead People Server"Remember whatshisname? He played the guy in that dumb movie with whoziss. What ever happened to him? Specifically, is he dead yet? Here's where to find out. The Dead People Server is simply a list of interesting celebrities who are, or might plausibly be dead,"
NOM de GUERRE "The Definitive (most likely!) List of Pseudonyms Used by Entertainment Personalities, Athletes, Writers and Historical Figures, with a Few Other Individuals Thrown In For Idol Curiosity."
Nessie on the NetPacked with data, files and graphics all about the Loch Ness Monster and environs
Duct Tape on the Web"... dedicated to the most versatile mending device ever created ..."
upPlants & Gardening
Arborday.org Tree Guide"Detailed information on dozens of commonly planted landscape trees that grow throughout the United States. Here you will find information on height and spread, soil and sun requirements, leaves and fruit, history, wildlife habitat, and more."
Carolina Gardener Online"The Southeast's leading magazine for gardeners and gardening enthusiasts."
Talking Plants Fun with plants - RealAudio streams
Garden Guides"A comprehensive tour of herb, vegetable and flower gardening. Discover some of the secrets of herbal remedies, learn about rock gardens, container gardening, composting, starting seeds and even how to cut flowers properly."
Backyard Gardener"Finally a single source for the backyard gardener."
Interiorscape Plants DatabasePhotos and info on interior plants
Sierra Home GardeningLots of gardening info
The Garden WebVirtual garden tours, Horticulture Information, A Guide to Botanical Correctness, etc.
The Virtual Foliage Home PageBeautiful photographs organized by botanical name
The Lawn Institute"Homeowner's resource guide to a beautiful lawn"
Lawn and Landscape "The premiere informational service for professional lawn care and landscape contractors with articles from the pages of Lawn & Landscape magazine, Bulletin Boards, the Online Trade Show and a Supplier Directory. Exclusive editorial, current and back issues of the magazine and interactive opportunities for professional lawn care and landscape contractors."
Plants For A Future Includes the Species Database. "This contains details of nearly 7000 plants, all of which are either edible, have medicinal properties or have some other use such as fibers oils or soaps."
PLANTS National Database "A site including a large database of plant names, a plant Photo Gallery, Plant Fact Sheets, Information about Culturally Significant Plants, Information about Noxious and Invasive Plants, Plant Characteristics Information, Threatened and Endangered Plant Information, Wetland Plant Information, Links to thousands of Plant-Related Websites, Links to Plant-Related Software Tools"
upHumor & Comics
uComics "Offers the biggest, best-known names in comics: Cathy, Dick Tracy, Doonesbury, FoxTrot, Garfield, Shoe, Ziggy and many, many more." Also has an e-mail service. Also has archives of, of instance, Calvin and Hobbes
The Jargon Dictionary "Hacker" (white hat) terminology, as for instance, the definition of a "suit": "Ugly and uncomfortable `business clothing' often worn by non-hackers. Invariably worn with a `tie', a strangulation device that partially cuts off the blood supply to the brain. It is thought that this explains much about the behavior of suit-wearers."
Minims "or, Man Is The Only Animal That Wears Bow Ties."
The Comic Strip Peanuts, Born Loser, etc.
NewsOfTheWeird "Find out how the other half lives by taking a look at the bizarre-but-true weird news from around the world"
HotAIR "Science, humour, ig-nobel, ig nobel, hotair, hot-air, hot air, improbable research"
User Friendly "A comic strip that examines in detail the lives of the employees of a small hi-tech company that develops and sells, among other things, Internet services and software." (You will appreciate the humor more if you start in the archives with the earliest strips and work your way to the current strip.)
SatireWire "The Web's leading source of Business and Technology Satire."
upProduct Reviews/Shopping
ConsumerAffairs.com "An independant agency which gathers and publishes consumer complaints, helps consumers find legal assistance and provides free referrals"
DealTime.com Comparison shopping
PriceGrabber.com Comparison shopping
Consumer World "Over 1700 of the most useful consumer resources"
Consumer Reports Product ratings, evaluations of new and used cars, buying tips, more (most content requires paid membership).
EbayOnline auction - "You can find almost anything at eBay, from chintz china to chairs, teddy bears to trains, furniture to figurines" and computer hardware
RipOffReport"Search the Rip-off Reports before you do business with any company. You will find reports from all over the world in every type of category."
upUrban Legends
Urban Legend Combat Kit"A collection of canned email responses that helps you debunk some of the Internet's most prevalent myths and urban legends"
Internet ScamBusters"The Premier Publication On Internet Fraud - Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Internet Scams, Fraud, Misinformation And Hype"
Urban Legends Reference Pages"Common fallacies, misinformation, old wives' tales, strange news stories, rumors, celebrity gossip, and similar items."
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