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Joomla!Joomla! (as out growth of the open source CMS known as Mambo) is one of the most popular and useful Open Source Content Management Systems extant. It is used for everything from simple blogs to complex multifaceted web sites. Joomla! is simple to install, easy to manage, and resilient. Also here you can find boards for more specific help on Joomla! features/addons, general help documentation, links to free templates and extensions.
JoomlaTutorials.comHuge collection of free Joomla tutorials.
JoomlaResource.comJoomla! components, modules, templates.
JoomlaCode.orgOpen Source Joomla! components, modules, plug-ins.
MamboAssistance.comMambo/Joomla! components, modules, templates.
Siteground TemplatesMany free Joomla templates.
JoomlaOS.de TemplatesMany very nice free Joomla templates (with live previews) - recommended
Joomla24 TemplatesMany free Joomla templates.
themesbase.com Joomla TemplatesMany free Joomla templates.
Free Joomla TemplatesA dozen free Joomla designs.
Joomla TemplatesMany free (wild!) Joomla templates.
JoomlasHack Free Joomla TemplatesA few free Joomla designs.
Free Joomla TemplatesA few free Joomla templates.
lady-beetle.com Free Joomla TemplatesA few free Joomla templates - requires free registration.
Anna's Joomla TipsA few very useful Joomla tips for those just getting started.
A Joomla Template from ScratchA simple Joomla template tutorial.
Free Joomla Tutorials14+ free Joomla tutorials.
Joomla Template TutorialThe steps of creating a Joomla template
Mambo CSS TutorialShort, simple, but useful intro to Mamo/Joomla CSS structures.
Organizing Content in Joomla"This guide is an in-depth tutorial to the information a Joomla site displays. It details how to plan and organize the information and user experience for the site."
screenbooks.net Joomla TutorialsA comprehensive set of tutorials for Joomla: 20+ tutorials, 150+ screenshots
TeachMeJoomlaJoomla tutorials, tips, a few free templates. Useful article on how to reset your Joomla admin password.
One-Stop Joomla"Find the top resources for your Joomla website quickly and easily."
Ravenswood Joomla! ServerRJS is a WAMP (Windows/apache/mysql/php) stand alone server with Joomla! preinstalled - you can run it off a flash device or from the HD - just unzip and go to town! It includes phpMyAdmin!
Joomla! Stand Alone ServerJSAS is a WAMP (Windows/apache/mysql/php) stand alone server with Joomla! preinstalled.
Mambo CSS Template TutorialAlso usable for Joomla!
Mambo CSS Quick RefereneceAlso usable for Joomla!
Mambo Flash Tutorials Also usable for Joomla!
Joomla Tribune TutorialsLots of Joomla Tutorials and more.
Mambo Tutorials A few HTML-based tutorials. Also usable for Joomla!
Mambo/Joomla Template TutorialsA guide to creating Mambo 4.5.1 - 4.5.3 and Joomla 1.0.x templates in Dreamweaver
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