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Revised: Monday, November 23, 2009
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  • Hardware Reference
  • Computer OEMs
  • Computer Shopping
  • Computer/Internet Security
  • Device Drivers
  • Windows XP
  • Linux
  • Windows 2003
  • Certifications
  • Networking & TCP/IP
  • Computer Security
  • upComputer Reference/Ezines
    ZdnetHome portal to the ZDNet empire - their channels offer more current technical info than anyone else - if you have a fast Internet connection see their 1000+ technical webcasts.
    PC Magazine OnlinePrimary ZDNet channel
    eWEEKAnother primary ZDNet channel
    PC World OnlineExcellent on-line computer mag
    ComputerWorldComputer news
    CNET CentralExcellent computer news, reviews, tips
    TechWebTechWeb Network Sites: Comm Web | InformationWeek | Network Computing
    About: Computing/TechnologyGet hot news, helpful advice, key links - formerly The Mining Company
    ITworld.comCurrent news/articles on the information technology
    InfoWorldComplete contents of the print version & more
    WiredTop stories of latest developments in computer and Internet technology
    ComputerUser.comStories of latest developments in computer and Internet technology - with how-to articles
    NewsLinxDaily web news: links to articles on other sites
    HardwareCentralNews and reviews of the latest developments in computer technology
    Computer Reseller NewsDaily computer news: links to articles on other sites and realaudio news clips
    Tech EncyclopediaOver 20,000 definitions to technology terms and concepts, some with illustrative graphics.
    Excellent compendium of computer/Internet terminology
    Free On-line Dictionary of ComputingSearchable dictionary of computer terminology
    CompuKissEasy to understand web site on computer technology - tips, reviews, news, articles, resources, realaudio content from Sandy Berger's radio program
    upComputer Shopping
    Buy.ComShop for computer products, electronics, and more
    CheapStingyBargains.ComSimilar to TechBargains, but might find some additional deals and coupons on Dell and HP products.
    Computers.ComComparison shop for computer products, consult product reviews
    Computer Discount WarehousePCs, Software, Accessories and Supplies
    Circuit CityPCs, peripherals, electronics
    computershopper.comComparison shop for computer products, consult product reviews
    FroogleGoogle's comparison shopping search engine
    OutpostPCs, Software, Accessories and Supplies - free overnight shipping!
    PC ConnectionPCs, Software, Accessories and Supplies
    Pricegrabber.comComparison shopping - "product pictures, descriptions and specifications, user-provided merchant and product ratings with narratives that give you the lowdown on products and merchants as well as BottomLinePrice that estimates total delivery cost including applicable sales tax and shipping charges."
    Price WatchClaims to be "the fastest way to find a great street price on a computer product"
    StaplesPCs, Software, Accessories and Supplies
    SoftwareOutletVery good prices on some commerical software.
    TechBargains.comPC software, computer systems and peripherals
    TigerDirect.comPC computer systems, peripherals, and software
    xpBargains"Find best online deals & coupons on computer hardware & software, consumer electronics and more!" Similar to TechBargains, but might find some additional deals. Seems somewhat better organized than TechBargains.
    upComputer Hardware Manufacturers
    3ComDrivers, software, manuals
    American Power ConversionNifty graphics, tech notes on PC power issues, especially, of course, on UPSes
    Apple ComputerEverything Macintosh
    CompaqDrivers, diagnostics, setup programs
    Creative LabsSound Blaster sound card drivers, docs
    DellSupport docs & software for Dell computers
    GatewaySupport docs & software for Gateway computers
    Hewlett-PackardSupport Docs & Drivers for HP Products
    IntelInfo on Intel's processors and other products
    IomegaInfo & drivers for Iomega's Zip, Jazz drives and other products
    MaxtorDrive parameters, jumper settings, drivers, big FTP/BBS
    MicrotekSoftware for their scanners
    NECInfo & Drivers for their printers and other products
    SeagateInstallation guides in Adobe Acrobat
    Western DigitalDrive parameters, jumper settings, software
    upComputer Hardware Reference/FAQs
  • Microprocessors, Motherboards, Chip Sets, Cache, BIOS
  • Troubleshooting, PC Upgrade & Repair
  • Mass Storage: Hard Drives, CD-ROM, etc.
  • Memory
  • Modems/Data Communications
  • upMicroprocessors, Motherboards, Chip Sets, Cache, BIOS
    Tom's Hardware GuideExcellent source of computer hardware information
    Motherboard HomeWorldExcellent source of technical information about motherboards, chipsets and related hardware
    ExtremeTech"Provides deep technical content about new products and technologies. It reaches committed, active technology users, managers, and enthusiasts through detailed reviews, analysis, tutorials, extensive resource links, and interactive, discussion-based community."
    PCGuideExcellent source of technical information about PC hardware
    BIOS Information GuideUncover the mysteries of all those occult BIOS settings.
    AnandTechPC hardware reviews
    System Optimization InfoComputer hardware information
    Dr. Dobb's Microprocessor Center"Intel Secrets and What Intel Doesn't Want You To Know are phrases that infuriate Intel Corporation"
    Wim's BIOS PageFAQs, BIOS settings, etc. for many BIOS brands
    The ChiplistA huge listing of all processor specifications and many other resources on microprocessors.
    upTroubleshooting, PC Upgrade & Repair
    PC Lube & TuneExcellent articles on PC hardware & OSs
    Maximum PCSite for buying, upgrading, fixing PCs - reviews, auctions, tools
    PC Support AdvisorFree technical support and networking articles
    Plug-and-Play-HOWTO"Explains resources used in Plug-and-Play (PnP) such as addresses, interrupts, etc. Covers both the PCI bus (inherently PnP) and PnP on the old ISA bus. If PnP did it's job right, you wouldn't need this howto. Otherwise, this will both explain PnP and help you detect and assign resources to hardware (low level configuring). It doesn't cover what's called "Universal Plug and Play" (UPnP)."
    upMass Storage: Hard Drives, CD-ROM, etc.
    Storage GuideInformation about hard disks and controllers
    Seagate SupportExtensive hard disk technical support documentation from Seagate
    Drive Fitness Test"This download creates a self-booting DOS diskette to run the DFT utility. The Drive Fitness Test (DFT) provides a quick, reliable method to test SCSI and IDE hard disk drives, including Serial-ATA IDE drives. The Drive Fitness Test analyze function performs read tests without overwriting customer data. (However, Drive Fitness Test is bundled with some restoration utilities that will overwrite data.)"
    The Ultimate Memory Guide"Everything you ever wanted to know about memory can be found here." Available as a pdf.
    Selecting Your Memory UpgradeGuide to selecting memory upgrades
    Memory Module IdentificationNice pictures of a number of different memory modules
    upModems/Data Communications
    Modem Links at About.comFAQs & technical articles for 56K modems
    Cable/DSL Speed Patches"Optimal Registry settings for Cable Modems, DSL or any similar broadband Internet connection."
    Optimizing.net"A humble little site for empirical modem, ISDN, DSL and Ethernet connection information and optimization."
    The Internet Resources Linux links have been moved to the Linux page
    upDevice Drivers for Windows
    If you can't find the drivers you need at these sites, you can always check the manufacturer's web/ftp sites directly - see the Computer Hardware Manufacturers on this page.
    MrDriversFree large database of downloadable drivers
    DriverGuide.comProvides resources for Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux, and other platforms - requires (free) registration
    totallyDriversLarge compilation of links to drivers
    HelpDriversAnother large compilation of links to drivers
    CNET Drivers LibraryMany drivers for many types of devices
    Windrivers.COMSearchable driver database for Win 3.X, Win 95, & Win NT, plus Troubleshooting for modem, monitor, printer, sound and video drivers - now they charge for the priviledge - it had to happen sooner or later
    upWindows XP
    Windows XP Home PageTips, how-to articles, dowmloads
    Jim's Top 10 Tips for Optimizing XPFrom "Cleaning your registry" to "Remove unused programs" and more - some easy tricks to wring more performance out of XP. Most of these apply to Vista as well.
    XP Tweaking Companion"A complete system optimization guide for Windows XP users. It contains an enormous amount of detailed descriptions and resources together in one free 175 page downloadable PDF file. Everything from the correct installation of Windows and critical software and drivers, through to recommendations for every significant setting in XP, all the major performance, visual and convenience tweaks, and descriptions of XP's functionality."
    Windows XP Operating System GuideInstalling, configuring, performance tweaking. Useful for tuning XP by turning off unneeded services.
    How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade (Reinstallation) of Windows XP"This article describes how to perform an in-place upgrade, or reinstallation, of Windows XP. This is also named a repair installation"
    TweakXP.com"Almost a thousand tweaks & tips covering almost every aspect of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system."
    The Elder Geek XPMany tricks and tips for fixing XP
    Repair XP"Experiences with repairing XP"
    Task List ProgramsIn Windows 95/98/ME you can bring up the Task List by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. In Windows NT4/2000/XP you bring up the Task List by right-clicking on the Task Bar and choosing "Task Manager."
    WinTasks Process LibraryInformation about all common Windows processes - a good resource.
    Annoyances.org"This page contains a list of annoying "features" of Windows, and workarounds for most of them."
    Tweak UI for XPEverything in the standard Tweak UI plus ten more individually downloadable power toys
    Bob Cerelli's Windows PageSite dedicated to Windows, with original content
    Virtual Memory in Windows XPDescription and management of WinXP Virtual memory
    Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for WindowsInformation on Microsoft's upcoming Windows platform technologies
    Bart's Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) Free software to build your own bootable live Windows CD/DVD!
    upWindows 2003
    Windows 2003 ServerProduct Guide section for an overview of the new operating system. Windows 2003 news, reviews, and columnists. See Upgrading to Windows 2003 section for compatibility and system requirement information. Consult the Technical Library area for deployment guides, technical white papers, the Windows 2003 Resource Kit, and Windows 2003 Help.
    Microsoft TechnetMicrosoft technical articles on Windows products
    Microsoft Support OnlineHelp with Windows and other MS products
    Windows IT ProNews & reviews on the Windows OSs, lists of web resources
    ENT"The Independent Newspaper for Windows Enterprise Computing"
    LabMice.netWindows, MS BackOffice, and other related resources from hundreds of tech sites, indexed by topic.
    iisfaq.comInternet Information Server, Active Server Pages, and the Internet Server API resources
    Task List ProgramsIn Windows 95/98/ME you can bring up the Task List by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. In Windows NT4/2000/XP you bring up the Task List by right-clicking on the Task Bar and choosing "Task Manager."
    WinTasks Process LibraryInformation about all common Windows processes - a good resource.
    How to convert your Windows Server 2003...to a Workstation!In-depth guide.
    Windows Password Recovery"How can I gain access to a Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 computer if I forgot the administrator's password? How can I reset the administrator's password if I forgot it?" Another method here.
    upMicrosoft Certified System Engineer and Other Certifications
    Microsoft Certified Professional MagazineResource guide to Microsoft Certified System Engineer certification
    Microsoft Training and CertificationTraining and certification for Microsoft products, resources available to get trained and certified
    Cram SessionMany resources for MCSE, CNE and A+ certifications
    PC AgeDemo tests for MCSE/MCSD/MCP exams - requires free registration
    What is a MCSE?Help/advice (with a personal slant) on the MCSE exams
    A+ Certification"A+ Certification is a testing program sponsored by CompTIA that certifies the competency of entry-level (6 months experience) service technicians in the computer industry."
    Certification Magazine"A technical training and certification publication designed to deliver the most current information available about technical certification programs from a variety of vendors."
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